Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Darth Vader Mermaid....

On the topic of my not-so-legit-holiday.

I've been taking scuba diving lessons.

ummmm... one of the main reasons i'm not
backing down on giving up my day off!!!!
i've already payed for the lessons!

I havent done the Open Water dives yet,
i'll do them when i get to the beach.
but did have fun in the swimming pool.

I thought i was going to feel like a mermaid,
but instead i just felt a bit like Darth Vader
what with all that breathing apparatus...
but i figured that was equally as cool!

At any rate, it got me googling mermaid pictures....

1 comment:

  1. HIlarious. I went snorkeling once (I know not the same thing at all) and I didn't feel free to do little flips under the water like I would've had I been playing Mermaids in the pool. I'm so intrigued with your life as a ballet-dancer. Keep on blogging on.