Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movies without words....

I once accidently watched a dvd with the 'soundtrack only'
version that was a special feature.
It took me until half way through the movie to realise this.
I was thinking,
'wow, this movie is so innovative,
look how they can express themselves with just the soundtrack'
(don't think i'm really really stupid, but it was the biography of some cellist,
so the music did heavily feature in it.)
but it was really really beautiful.
(i dont remember the name of the movie, Hilary and.......?)

Maybe its the dancer in me,
we spend so long trying to express ourselves to music without our words,
But i think its why Wallee is one of my favourite Disney cartoons too.

i bring this up because i just watched the movie ,The Illusionist.
And this one actually is a movie without words...a cartoon actually.
About a failing magician who meets a girl who truly believes that he can do magic.

And it's beautiful,
And its set in Edinburgh,
Which only makes it even more beautiful.

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