Saturday, March 19, 2011


This week i have been grumpy.

Like, really grumpy.

I cant even begin to tell how many pointless fights that
i've had at work and just how many people are no longer speaking to me....
or acknowledging my existence.

The situation at work is hard at the moment and
lots of things are going on instituted by my fellow colleagues that have hurt
me on a personal level.
And its hard not to feel grumpy
because i no longer feel like i'm in a friendly environment.
I'm constantly on the defence and feel i ought to stand up for myself,
although to be honest its not worth it.

Being grumpy just makes me angry and unhappy.

So this week i'm going to try really hard that every time
i get into a hard situation and i'm going to see the
funny side and make myself laugh...

Its the only way to survive.

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