Thursday, March 10, 2011

Facebook dateable.....

I have a friend whose last two boyfriends where met on facebook.
'How?' I asked him.
They wrote to me I wrote back...ect. ect.
What's more they were both really nice really nice.

Personally i find it a bit weird,
and was secretly miffed that no-one has ever tried to 'facebook date' me.

But today i got a 'facebook date' message -

"plz u should know that iam not a bad man or who play with people or lie at them i just one who saw your pic and admire u and want to know u good and be friends
i know that u know that egyptian men r bad or they always lie to foreign gurls or something like that but i swr iam not and iam not tybe who have many relations iam good man and i can do anything to prove to u i want just one time listening to me and i wont broke u i swr and promise u that give me one time plllllz and iam not who look for relagion or age etc...

pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz let us writ or communicate to know each other pllzzzz tell me that u r agree to be friends plllllllllz"

and i still find it weird (as in i blocked him)
but am also secretly chuffed that i'm not completely 'facebook undateable'.

But then again,
having just ended a two year relationship, i'm also considering
finding the email of the guy who proposed marriage to me
when i wrote to him about renting an apartment he had advertised....

anything to stop me crying myself to sleep at night

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