Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Roommates...

Having spent the last 2 years living by myself, returning to live
roomates (3 of them) can sometimes be a bit challenging.

I came home last night to find not a single clean
dish/cutlery/pot/glass in the whole kitchen,
(a mess made by just one of the roommates alone)
feeling too tired to do anything i ate a bag of crisps for dinner and went to bed,
not before piling every single dish into the kitchen sink this morning before i left.

I returned home tonight to find the dishes cleaned but the kitchen flooded....
i instantly picked up the mop and started trying to clean it up,
until after 5mins i stopped,
again, i'm cleaning up after one roommate....
i am not her mother,
and i am too tired to care tat the kitchen is flooded with an inch of water.

Dont get me wrong....
anyone who has ever met me will tell you that
i'm the messiest person that they've ever met.
But i do try to be a conciousness roommate.

But i've had so many confrontations at work recently
i really dont feel like coming home and starting more at home,
so to release some of my pent up room mate aggression
i thought i'd write down the little list f roommate
annoyances that have been getting me recently....

Dear Roommates,
Why am i the only one with toothaste?
Please stop being cheapskates and buy your own.

Dear Roommates,
If your going to continue to keep using my toothpaste,
please learn to be sneakier by squeezing it from the bottom.

Dear Roommates Girlfriend,
Please bring your own toiletries when you stay the night.

Dear Roommates,
Before setting up a new trash bag,
please take out the old ones....
the flies that hover around it will follow it out the door.

Dear Roommate,
Yes the kitchen is flooded....
are you planning on going swimming?

Dear Roommates,
I have decided that i also can not read the part
of the cleaning rota which says 'clean fridge'.

Dear Roommates,
Thank you for not being my last set of roommates.....
i'd rather have you any day!

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