Thursday, November 11, 2010

Older and Wiser?

So today is my birthday.
Which technically means that i've gotten older and wiser.
and seeing as i dont want to focus on the older part i thought i'd reflect
on somethings that i've learned in the last year which
may or may not have made me a little bit wiser.

(back when i was young)

1 cup = 128g

How to play a chord on the ukulele.

How to put on Snowboarding boots.

Snowboarding hurts

How to snorkel.

Robert The Bruce is the most important figure in Scottish History,
(everyone should read a biography on him.)

When baking cookies,
don't double the amount of sugar just because its my favourite ingredient.

If i dont cheat at monopoly i can actually win it.

How to say thankyou in Arabic (the rest is yet to come)

The story of La Bayadere.

How to look after a tortoise.

How to get angry so angry at a taxi driver that he is too
scared to ask you for his money and just drives a way.

How to make pizza dough, and pastry.

How to cook in general,
this past year has been a food revolution to me.

Egypt isn't as scary as i thought it might be.

Philadelphia cream cheese is amazing on anything.

Egypt is dirty.

Sometimes asking for help is the only way.


  1. Happy happy birthday! November birthdays are fabulous, aren't they? What a great list of accomplishments you have :)

    Have a fantastic day!

  2. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you! look at your pig tails and roller skates! ADORABLE.

    i loved all that you've learned ;) and how you ended it... admist the humor (though amazing things to have learned) it does come down to that... putting away pride though it's not the easiest thing to do.


  3. Happy birthday, enjoy!! Like your adorable list.