Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside.....

I just found out this week that i have four days holiday.
And seeing as i'm not sure the next time i'll get a holiday
(dancers are always working when everyone else holidays)
i'm making the most of it.
I'm catching an over night bus for 10 hours to go to
where i will stay in a youth hostel that costs less than 2 euros a night (should i be worried?)

but hopefully its going to look a bit like this

and i'm going to look a bit like this

(its so weird to me that its November and its still summer)


  1. Ooo how fun! Hope you have an amazing time!

    I'm so in love with those vintage swimsuits and caps, totally adorable:)


  2. Is that a photo of the place you're going? It looks amazing!! I hope you have a well deserved holiday lovely lady!


  3. you have GOT to take photos...if it looks anything like this you are in for an AMAZING time!!