Thursday, November 4, 2010

How i feel about haggling....

The Monty Python got it right.

Haggling is stupid.
I'm rotten at it, i hate to do it.

Especially when i dont know how much i ought to
be paying for something.
I think i've done a really great haggle
then later on i find out i was totally duped.

The other day i was haggling for a very pretty dress,
but the guy wouldnt budge on his price nor me from mine,
so i walked out the shop adamant
that i would not buy it for less than the price that i had insisted on.

Until a few moments later i realised that
i didnt actually have the dress that i really wanted to buy
for what was actually a fairly reasonable price,
and would feel too stupid to go back to the shop to
buy it as that would mean admitting defeat.

Or i hate the fact that i feel bad
as i may have haggled them too low....

At any rate when it comes to The Haggle...

I always end up the loser.

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