Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Introducing Sookie the Uki.....

So here's the thing, i have a problem where i like to give inanimate objects names.
For some reason it brings them a little bit more to life
and makes them more friendly,
is this strange?
I dont know,
but its a thing i do and wont stop doing
even if you tell me that it is indeed strange.

So when i got my ukulele one of the first things
i started doing was trying to pick out a name for her.
The initial front runner was Lulu, i dont know why, which then progressed to Gigi.
But ultimately i have decided to call her Sookie.

Sookie, the Uki.

I think has a nice ring to it.
Plus it reminds me of Sookie from Gilmore Girls,
which is one of my fave tv shows,
and she had a fun personality but was also a little bit ditzy and clumsy,
i like to think that Sookie my Uki, shares these qualities.

Plus, you say it quickly it sounds a bit like Sookie the Wookie
and that makes me giggle.

Besides, now when people ask me what i have been doing all day
(and i do mean all day)
i can tell them i've been hanging out with Sookie,
and hopefully they wont question it further
and i look like a nice friendly person rather
than the ukulele obsessed hermit
which is what i have actually become.


  1. just wanted to say.. i LOVE your header:)

  2. You got a Uke! I'd like to think that I am your inspiration for such a purchase. :)