Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walk like an Egyptian...

I went to Milan this weekend.

This is one of my favourite pictures from there.

Whilst Captain Tim was very seriously
trying to take some pictures of the Duomo
and main square i kept sneaking in his pictures
doing my 'Walk Like an Egyptian' Dance move
that i have been practising to in the kitchen all week
whilst dancing along to my Bangles Greatest hits.

What makes me smile is that no one was batting an eyelid
as i was dancing around rather strangely in the main square.....

(a couple of other photos is sneaked into)


  1. I love it! Big serious pictures are way way better when someone sneaks into them.

  2. love your outfit and love your fun poses ... xx

  3. It's great to be somewhere that you can strut your stuff any no one seems to think any differently! We should have more places like that!