Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eat your greens please....

On my journey to Italy i came to understand just how serious Italians take their food.

At one restaurant one of my friends asked for a slight change to the normal menu,
just an average request of the normal 'can i have it without mushrooms please'
The chef however was not impressed,
and we proceeded to be lectured on how,
'the Ingridients are the Ingridients' not just a general whim...

At another restaurant whilst eating the house delicacy, Horse Steak,
(which by the by tasted exactly like beef),
in the centre of the table was a platter of roasted vegetables.
When the waiter returned to collect the plates he exclaimed something very passionatley in Italian to which all the Italians proceeded to look very guilty
and ate very quickly the remainder of vegetables from the platter.

Apparently he had chastised them for not eating all the food he had made and we were not getting desert until all our greens were gone...

On the up side it was all exceedingly delicious....

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