Saturday, May 29, 2010


things are tough at the moment with a new director coming to the company soon.
he has been in watching every day this week with his little note book of who we are.
screwing up his face, occasionally frowning, with cogs in his head clearly turning as to who he is going to keep and who is going to get the chop.

Needless to say stress levels are high.
In fact i didnt realise how affected i was until i went barmy the other day when someone with took my after-dinner choclate bar from me.
Literally Barmy!

The next day at lunch with the same person i burst out crying because there was too much food on my plate. Amid the tears i suddenly started bawling about how scared i was that my job is on the brink....yes it took too much cheese on my plate for me to realise this!

At least it came to light that there was an under-lying reason for my recent crazy outburst and i'm not just nuts, nuts nuts...
On the upside, my cake baking has gone to the extreme in the last few weeks.
Carrot and lime cake, banana cake, lemon cake, cocount cake...a
nd in a moment a good old fashioned chocolate cake...

then i saw this and now i know why....

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