Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Running away with the circus...

A couple of my favourite snapshots from my visit to the circus the other week....

Whilst watching the trapeze artist i whispered to my fellow circus watchee that with a little bit of training i figured i could become a trapeze artist and run away with the circus.

He reminded me that the other week i couldnt make my dinner as i wasnt strong enough to open the jar....never mind hang from a trapeze.

Okay, Okay....
So a LOT of practise then...


  1. Great photos! Haha about the lack of strength. I am totally in the same boat!

  2. I bet jar opening is so much harder than hanging from a trapeze! Just tell yourself that ;)

  3. lovely photos! what a cool date night. and are you really a professional ballerina? if so, i'm totally jealous.

  4. Wow a circus! I've never actually been to one before. Still, looks kinda amazing!

    - Anna Jane xxx