Friday, October 30, 2009

Whilst reading David McCulloughs biography of John Adams, i came across this passage which describes Abigail Adams opinion of her first visit to the ballet in the early 1780's in Paris,

"The dresses and beauty of the performers were enchanting, but no sooner did the dance commence that i felt my delicacy wounded, and i was ashamed to be looking at them. Girls clothed in the thinnest silk gauze, with their petticoats short, springing two feet from the floor, poising themselves in the air, with their feet flying, and as perfectly showing their garters and drawers, as though no petticoats had been worn, was a slight altogether new to me. Their motions are as light as air and as quick as lightning."

I fear that the former First Lady may have thought me a fallen woman.....oh dear....

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