Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ice Dancer?

I went ice-skating today after the first time in about 6 years. I love figure skating....well i love watching it, if you ask me if i wasnt a ballet dancer what would i'd like to be i'd say a figure skater....unfortunately i'm not quite as graceful on the ice as i feel i ought to fact i'm not very graceful at all. The old lady kept lapping me (i kept telling myself that she had an Olympic medal in her bum bag and it is okay for an ex-Olympian to over lap me), the children found it fun to skate very fast around me to disorientate me....nevertheless i soldiered on. In fact when i was leaving a very nice old gentleman approached me to tell me the first steps are always the hardest and he hoped i would come back to practise....i told him i will.

In the four years i've been in Slovenia this is the first time i've managed to get someone to go skating with me, indoor recreational skating is not typical to their culture. In fact when trying to explain to my friends the concept of an indoor ice rink they got very confused, and in fact indoor ice rinks only appear in the winter......on the upside... its free.....

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  1. that ex-olympian comment was very funny! i'm glad you found someone to go skating with you!

    thanks for

    your comment on my little blog & following. that is so cool that you're a ballet dancer!! i just started taking an adult ballet class this's so much work! i can't imagine the gazillion hours you must have put in in order to dance professionally! good for you!!

    have a good rest of your weekend.