Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Once Upon A Time And Long Ago

I started this blog today just to write down some of the thoughts that I have that go through my head. Today i was humming a tune that my mum used to sing to me as a child. Its from Peter Pan the Musical. It goes a bit like this.....

Once upon a time and long ago
I heard someone singing soft and low.
Now when day is done and night is near
I recall this song i used to hear.

My child my very own, dont be afraid your not alone,
Sleep until the dawn for all is well.
Long ago this song was sung to me
now its just a distant melody,
Somewhere from the past I used to know
Once upon a time and long ago.

My mum told me that the other day my sister Bryony called her from London up in the middle of the night to ask her to sing it to her.

I dont believe that we are ever to old to be sung a lullaby to by our mothers.

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