Friday, October 23, 2009

My Friend.....Stanley

This is Stanley, he lives at the bottom of my street.

i know that his name is not really Stanley, (mainly because i'm sure there has never been a Slovene named Stanley). There is no plaque to tell me his real name, what he did or why he has a statue at the end of my street in his honour....yet every day as i pass him by i felt like i should be able to said a friendly hello to the only neighbour who i see everyday, in fact the only neighbour who i really know. So i named him Stanley.

I often like to muse over the life of Stanley and what wonderful Adventures he might have had


  1. ha! I loved that! I'm trying to remember but I have never had a statue as a neighbour in my life although I have lived in sooooo many places/houses no, never had one... ;O)
    Say hello to Stanley from me tomorrow ;O)

  2. it was raining today, i felt very sorry for Stanley as he has no umbrella...
    he says zivjio, this is hello in slovene...

  3. I like his name. Very friendly. I named my apartment building Maude because it's so old and cranky.