Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pain in the back....

I always thought that when i stopped dancing all my aches and pains would go away.
Turns out its not that easy.

For the last year and a half i've had aches and pains all over!
some of it is my body adapting to a new life style,
others are left over problems that i never properly sorted out.

Mainly i've been having re-occuring back pain.
It comes and goes some days i'm bedridden and other days its back to norm.

Coming from my dance background it s very hard for me to teach without getting physically involved myself.
my husband always tries to tell me that i should take it easy when i teach, no demonstrating full out to 2 year olds! i explain to him they are the worst culprits for needing to be taught visually.

after a bout of back pain recently that just frustrates me more than anything
(im used to being in pain)
the physio finally persuaded me to go to the Doctor and have a scan.
So thanks to husbands private work medical insurance,
i very speedily got a MRI done.

Unfortunately it did show up some disk degeneration and bulging,
but fortunately nothing that has affected the nerves or bone as of yet.

So i feel so releaved to have some actual proof that my back pain isnt just me whining like an old lady all the time.

Looking at all these pretty ballet pictures at the moment 
just makes me think of their poor spines!

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