Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Adventures in the ballet class....

Once a week i teach in a nursery
where the class are more of a dance/drama
based class as opposed to pure ballet.

I find these classes great fun,
and love trying to find out new ways to incorporate 
different stories into our dance adventures.

To make it more tricky the classes are predominately 
filled with little boys.
When i've taught this style of classes before
it was easier to think up stories as
you can pretty much just go through the Disney Princessess.

So lately we have been on a visit to the Dinosaur museum
where we have marched like scary T-rex's
and flown like pterodactyls.

We have been pirates looking for lost treasure
being chased by crocodiles,
and on safari in the deepest jungle.
we have sky-dived into Australia and
jumped like the Kangaroos and spun like the Tasmanian Devils.

These little boys have a lot of energy...
it keeps me on my toes first thing in the morning,
in fact the only way i think i am able to make
it through without going crazy
is from having been the older sister to 5 crazy younger brothers.

Now i've got to think of more Adventure stories....

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