Sunday, March 2, 2014

Been and Gone....

So husband has been and gone...

10 days.
10 busy days.
When husband comes he likes to fill up his social calendar with every
 Tom, Dick and Harry he can think off....
i reign him in a little, but i also enjoy seeing what a good friend he is to those around him, 
even though he only has a few days in the Uk a year he 
wants to make sure that he phones and
 meets up with everyone he cares about.
 (It upsets me when i see people dont realise what an 
effort he is making and give him the cold shoulder)

Bonus points....
my Dad decided to drive down to London whilst he was here 
and brought my three youngest brothers to visit us...
unbonus points, 
he was being spontaneous and didnt inform us first or
 he would have realised that we werent actually in London but in Dorset!
bonus points
 he made an extra effort and drove the boys down to spend the 
day with us in Dorset. 
It was great to see them. I hadn't seen them since
my wedding a year and a half time flies....
and somehow i'm not as good at my husband as 
making time to see loved ones. 
My little brothers are not so little anymore...
nearly towering above me!

We had a great time taking them to the tank museum in Dorset.....
hree boys in a museum for 3 hours...
we could hardly get them out...
they loved it!

Husband and i also had a weekend 
getaway from London at Windsor....
where we went to visit the Queens house and also went to Ascot.

Ascot was sooooo much fun...
i tired my hand at betting on the horses (only a pound a race!)
 and lost nearly every time....
Gambling is a fools game...
why would you do it! 
i tried lots of different techniques for wining,
choosing horse by best name,
best outfit,
best odds,
worst odds,
eventually i won a race and made a wooping £1.25
(but was still way in the minus)

as my father always taught me, 
its not gambling if you know your going to loose...

It's always hard when husband leaves...
and London seems so much brighter when he is around,
in fact it actually was brighter when he was around this time.
After weeks of rain the sun shone nearly every day....
he was wondering why i keep complaining about the British weather

enjoying the changing of the guard a little too much at Windsor  Castle

My little monkey of a borhter enjoying hanging around at the tank museum

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