Sunday, March 23, 2014


What have i been up to lately.
Teaching, teaching, teaching.
Pilates,Pilates Pilates,

Teaching -

I've changed ballet schools and i'm really enjoying my new school.
Its a very different environment,
the students at my new school have more professional
aspirations (even at a young age)
so i can treat them like young professionals,
and they actually responding well to it,
so rather than thinking to my self all the time,
are they 'having fun' are they 'being stimulated'
i can focus on
are they learning? are they progressing? are they improving?
hopefully the learning and improving is what stimulates
them and makes it enjoyable,
i know thats what ballet always meant to me
and thats what i want ballet to be to my students.

Last Sunday I volunteered at a charity gala held by the
school at the Royal Opera House
where the children performed and auctions were held.
They raised over £300 000 to be used for dance scholarships.

It was just parents watching week...
i hope i survived it....


I'm thoroughly enjoying my teacher training with Alan Herdman Pilates.
I know some of the other students on the course struggle with
the style of teaching, but it suits me to a T.
Every week i come away feeling i ve learned so much.

I worry about when i have to go out and actually start finding a job,
its a whole new industry to me,
hopefully i can make the cross over.

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