Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Returning to reality.....

Coming back to London was like
coming back down to Earth from the moon
with a huge depressive drag of gravity.

no more husband
no more sun
no more amazing exotic adventures
no more old friends
no more new babies
just regular old life

i wasnt looking forward to teaching at all.

but it turned out to be pleasantly surprising.

In my first class none of my regular students turned up
(did they know holidays were over,
i hope thats the reason and not
that i've scared them away)

but a new little girl turned up,
7 years old.
she has been teaching herself ballet from a ballet
book she has at home.

It was so nice to spend the time with her
for her first lesson and not just to have 
her manage to scramble along at the back
as i'm sure i'll have to do next week
(if my students turn up)
as she struggled with each new movement,
'wow! thats really hard'
she would say,
and then she would try a little harder.

My second class i was just covering for
another teacher. A boys ballet class with two 10 year old boys.

I actually really enjoy cover teaching as
i can be relaxed and not worry about
teaching class 'etiquette' or discipline,

I asked them what their favourite steps
where and they told me the ones that they like
but only get to do sometimes,
so we did all of them.
So nice to see some really enthusiastic 
(pretty good) boys.

\i guess i'll make it through
here without husband a little bit longer.

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