Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Galapagos -Giant Tortoise

Seconds off the plane from a 27 hour trip
and husband whisks me off to see the islands
most famous inhabitants.

The Giant Tortoise.

I tell you, there aint no better cure for 
jet lag than these little beauties.

They reminded me so much of my wee Del-Boy
(who currently lives with my mother-in-law
who spoils her rotten and hand feeds her each day)
the same characteristics 
only much much bigger.

So adorable.

I think my favourite one may have been the 
one who was in the swamp.

Mainly because she reminded me of 
Morla the Aged one from Neverending Story,
yes there may have been quite a few 
quotes and re-enactments going on there
(luckily i recently introduced husband to the movie so
he is no on parr with my brain waves)

I can also tell you that their favourite food
is Guava, it makes their faces very pink!

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