Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding - Flowers

When we got engaged i knew exactly which wedding flowers we 
would be having.

I would carry Sunflowers.
and my bridesmaids Dried Lavender

Sunflowers -
because they are my favourite flower.
they are so bright and cheerful

but not just that,
they are the only flowers Tim has ever bought me.
Early on in our relationship i mentioned they
were my favourite and he picked right up on it.

For our first anniversary of dating he bought me a sunflower
in a pot...
We named it Sonic.
We planted it in his garden.

One night he called me after having a BBQ with his friends.

'i think they all think i'm a bit strange'
he said.
i asked.

'Well after the BBQ we headed indoors
but i kept running outside with my head torch on
to attack the slugs that have been eating Sonic..
They told me to just leave it alone,
and they didnt understand when i tried to tell
then its my girlfriends favourite flower.'

Sonic didnt survive the slugs,
but i knew he was a keeper.

Lavender -
Captain Tim is obsessed with lavender.
He thinks it cures all diseases....
He reminds me of the dad in
My Big Fat Greek Wedding who thinks
Windex cures everything.


  1. I have never seen dried lavender for a wedding. That is the greatest idea ever! I love that.

  2. Dried lavender is the prettiest, I've never thought of doing that for a wedding, such a beautiful idea!!