Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Boat Life....Cranky....

The hardest part about boat life for me is,
well being on the boat...ALL THE TIME

(apart from sailing...
which i guess is the hardest part about sailing)

Living where you work can suck...
equally worse,
living with your colleagues sucks even more.

Getting 'me time'
or even
'us time'
is far and few inbetween.

Everything is a communal decision.
Every conversation is overheard.
All your private moments are public moments.
Everything is in your face all the time!

There are two couples on the boat,
myself and Tim 
and another married couple.
in a rather confined space
(well a 72ft yacht)

This week the other girl and i have
been butting heads...
mainly in the kitchen.
the saying 'too many cooks spoils the broth'
could never be more true.

In the normal world, if your colleague
annoys you , you go home, complain a bit,
unwind, relax, stop thinking about it for a while
and gear yourself up for the next day.
All i can do here is move a metre away and keep on simmering away...
or occasionally boil over.

It works with spouses too,
at one point Tim and i were butting heads,
being with each other 24/7 can have its toll on you.,
(i think he prefers that i'm butting heads with
co-workers rather than him now!)

Dont get me wrong i have a good life.
A very good life.
i currently have also have a very easy life....
but sometimes it would be nice if that life were my life,
not everybody else's too.

I'm going to put it down to a good learning curve.
i've never been a good sharer and now i'm practically a communist.

On the other hand,
i'm off to London for the weekend.
Leaving my husband behind....
this will be the first time we have spent any time apart since we were married.

I mean that quite literally,
the most time we have spent apart from each other
was when i spent the night in the hospital,
i think it was less than 12 hours....

i think i'll miss him!


  1. I spent many vacations as a kid sailing with my family in Canada. I know exactly what you mean about the 'me space.' I always find it soothing to sit on the most forward part of the bow and just stare out over the water.

  2. You guys live on a boat? That's so cool! How does that work, do you guys sail wherever you feel like it? How many people live on it with you? I'm very intrigued by this idea. I can see how that would feel confining in terms of privacy though. I hope you have fun in London!