Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cambodia- Food!

One of the fun things we did in Cambodia 
was go to a Cambodian cooking class
with Le Tigre de Papier restaurant in Siem Reap.

There was another couple on their honeymoon in the class
and 4 women college professors 
who had taken the night off from their student tour group 
in the class with us.

Each of us picked whichever Cambodian starter and main course
from the restaurant menu that we wanted and we
cooked up a feast.

It was great to learn new ingredients to cook with,
and before we left i popped into the supermarket
and bought a few spices for my cupboard.

I've had a go at cooking Amok since i've been back
and i'm going to try me some Beef Loc lac this week.

Cambodian food was delicious,
we enjoyed nearly every meal that we had
and it was great to learn how to imitate it
(i wont profess to be an expert!)

One night in Siem Reap we went to 
the Cambodian Grill on Pub Street.

Here they put a little grill on your table and 
you pick a variety of meats and cook them up yourself
(my husband kept asking why we 
were going to restaurants to cook our own dinners!)

We grilled ourselves some



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  2. I'm going to sound really pretentious for a moment. I laughed when you said Cambodian food is delicious...because that stuff you ate in the cooking class looks delicious, but that's not what Cambodians eat every day. Except for Lok Lac, I do know cambodians who eat that, the sauce is so yummy! I guess they can't really teach you to make village food, or no one would want to eat it! haha.
    now I'll step off my soap box. I wish I had thought to bring back amok spice! Duh! dang, you had some good ideas while you were there. I have totally eaten at that restaurant in Siem Reap. They have yummy food. I also wish I had brought one of those grill things you have in the last picture. A restaurant in my provincial town made the best bbq on them.

  3. Thanks so much for sending me that video! I never got to have amok while I lived there because even though it's the national dish, it's expensive to make so most village people don't make it. I'd much rather make westernized cambodian food when I miss the country, than real village food. I'm excited to check out the videos! And glad we didn't do more than drive past Loch Ness haha.