Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WEDDING -The Dream Dress.....

I havent written about my wedding dress yet.
Which is crazy seeing as i've been dreaming of my wedding dress
since i could dream

In fact my sister reminded of how during church when we were little
i used to sit with a little notebook and just repeatedly 
draw wedding dresses.

My Big Sis designed my dress.
i described to her what i wanted.

The main inspiration was Grace Kelly.
I was totally miffed when Kate Middleton
did the whole Grace Kelly inspired thing....
as i knew people would compare me to her
instead of Grace.

It nearly put me off the idea...
so much so that Tim who had always heard me go on about
Grace Kelly's dress was quite surprised on the 
wedding day when i HAD gone for it!

I sent my sister a few inspiration pictures.

A Grace Kelly Top

A bit of a train with a bow on the back

A soft chiffon skirt,
that lay on the floor all over
(this caused great difficulty in me walking down the aisle!)

A couple of montages she made up

and the designs she drew.

 I was so glad that she understood my vision.
Grace Kelly blowing in the wind.
(with a little bit of Marilyn!)


  1. I want to see more pictures of your dress! I know what you mean about someone stealing your idea like that. I wanted a 1920s style halo ring forever and then all the sudden it was the fad and everyone had one. I still went with it, but we designed it and made it a flush halo like how they did rings back then, which commercially made rings won't be made that way anymore. I'm glad you still went with your dream style.

  2. So so sooo beautiful!! I would want something very Grace Kelly-esq too! Just magical :)

  3. The design your sister came up with was beautiful. I'm with Sam (above) and would love to see more pictures of your dress. From what I saw in the last photo, it was absolutely gorgeous!