Thursday, February 18, 2010

Romeo the Back Street Gondola Driver

Let me introduce you to Romeo our Gondola driver.
He informed us that to the ladies he is known as Casanova.

Once our gondola got moving he informed us he was a gondola driver by day, porn star by was then that we realised the type of experience we were in for.

We asked him to point out some of the historic sights he had told us about before we got in.
'Oh yes', he said as though he had forgotten. 'House on the left is Marco Polo's, house on right Casanova's' How convenient that they were neighbours.
A couple of minutes later he started shrieking in excitment.
We leaned over the boat to see what he was getting excited about.
'A RAT!'
indeed there was a huge great big rat that proceeded to make a giant leap from the wall aiming to land in our gondola.
It missed.
'no fear' declared Romeo aka Casanova.
'I am an expert rat killer with my oar'

and he proceeded to attempt to batter the rat (i think it survived)
'Lady', he shouted over to me,
'why you no scream at the rat....the other girlies they scream...oh la me.....why you no scream loud?
Aha! i know how to make you scream'

to which he then began rocking the boat vigorously from side to side.

Fortunately i was by this point crying with laughter and thoroughly immune to lady-screaming tactics.

The only other thing he pointed out to us wasa rat being eaten by seagulls

Romeo aka Casanova told us about his family legacy as Gondola Drivers....

i wonder if his great-great-great grandfather is turning in his grave to know that his legacy has been left to such a wally.


  1. Hilarious story! Our gondolier was completely boring. He took a cell phone call during our ride. What?

  2. Omg what an experience!! So hilarious!! I'm sorry that he ruined your gondola ride! I love those masks though! Very pretty!

  3. hahahaha that man is such a weirdo! Glad you had fun though! you look beautiful btw!