Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lord of the Bling-Blings.....

I saw a pimped out panda ring on the topshop website and really want it.
I think its Blinging-Minging!

as you can see sometimes when i'm in the mood i like to get chavved up and this ring would help set the tone.

and other times i simply need to feed my Panda-Lovin Craze.
I blame it on my mother who started feeding
this craze at a young age so now it constantly
needs to be nourished

(i wish i still had those ear muffs)
Unfortunately it was sold out...
so i guess i'll just have to fill my urge by looking at pretty panda pictures...

1 comment:

  1. Your photo of you when you were young really made me smile! It reminded me of being young, and being so obsessed with something! I was a bit obsessed with pandas too (not as much as you), and had the panda ear muffs! I wish I still had mine!! x