Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Census on Bows.....

After watching a movie recently where the heroine wore bows in her hair
i decided that i did not have enough bows in my current hair repertoire.
So i decided to rectify the situation and have been wearing lots of lovely ribbons as of late.
They make me feel pretty, feminine and girlie.

Others do not quite agree.

At dinner with friends the other night there was a poll taken to see whether The Bow was appreciated.

It turns out it was not.

Some muttered under their breath a cryptic, 'its not for me'
others boldly declared their abhorrence
but the general consensus was a big fat 'Ney'.

But ask me if i care what they think....

no i do not

not a smidgen


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all these images!!! when me and Max went and saw "500 days of Summer" i told him i wanted to wear ribbons in my hair just like her. He said, "don't you already?"

    bless him :)

  2. hehe....that is exactly the movie that i was watching!
    (and i'm terrible at sourcing my images mainly because i dont remember where i got them from!)

  3. You shouldn't care! I love bows and braids!!

    Oh and I wouldn't have it any other way either!