Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Touristing in London

These are some delayed pictures of when Husband came to 
visit a couple of weeks ago.

I just cant get my husband away from boats.
The first thing he wanted to do is head to the Greenwich Martime Museum.

Greenwich is a lovely little part of London south of the river.
The museum itself wasnt all that great,
even Husband was disappointed.

But we did pay extra and go their current Visions of the Universe
exhibition which was worth it.
It's all images that have been taken of space and the planets and galaxies
and what not. 
Really beautiful stuff.

Funnily enough there was an exact replica
of the lighthouse in Scotland that we mini-mooned at!!!

We also went to the Royal Observatory where Husband some some really 
important clocks that were something to do with navigation
(you can tell i learned a lot!)
he was quite excited to see them....
they were...
very clockish

The Royal Observatory also has the official middle of the world.
The Meridian line.

The next day we went to the Churchill War Rooms
which was an excellent museum.

and here is my favourite exhibit in it,
Churchhills velvet onesy!!!

He had a bunch of them made so that he 
could just slip it on if there was an airraid in the middle of the night.

As hard as i find London to live in
it is an excellent tourist destination.....
if only as a Londoner i had more time!

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  1. haha, you learned so much from those museums! But you're a good sport for going and touring with your husband. I hope you guys had a great time together.