Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back in the studio.....

Spending long days back in the studio
is hard work.....
but not quite so hard as full time ballerina-ing.
the focus no longer being on me and what i can do,

but instead re-thinking
 how do you do a step?
how do you teach it?
how do you inspire?
what is important as a teacher?
what kind of teacher do i want to be?

I feel all the old aches and pains come creeping back in,
reminding me why i choose to stop putting so much pressure on my body.

But i still love dancing.
in fact i think i've re-discovered it.
Choosing in my spare time to go to one of the
open classes in London 
just to move and enjoy myself,
no stresses, no worries.
and no regrets.

we also have a lot of different personalties on the course
but some how we all seem to mesh pretty well together.
I think we each have respect for each others 
backgrounds and are all going through the
same transitional phase 
and its great to have people around you
who can empathise.

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