Saturday, April 7, 2012

the wrong shoes....

so i had a rehearsal today for pas de trois,
and as i pulled my shoes out of my locker in preparation for rehearsal,
i noticed something....

these were The Wrong Shoes...

let me explain,
during the performance of Swan Lake
i will change my shoes multiple times for example -

Act 1 -
pas de trois, -
for this i will wear a firm but broken in pair of shoes,
i need this because there are lots of pirouettes and some pas de deux
and i need to keep a good balance

Act 2 -
Big Swans
for this i wear a slightly softer but still quite firm pair of shoes,
there are still some balances, but no pirouettes, and some jumps
(must be softer for jumping)

Act 3-
For this i wear my softest pointe shoes, there is very little actual
pointe working and lots of small petite allegro (small fast jumps)

Act 4-
the majority of act four is spent running, bourreeing, or posing,
so i wear a very hard pair of pointe shoes,
anything soft and your feet and legs are dead in a matter of seconds.

so today when i went to rehearsal i realised that for the performance in which i
messed up my pirouettes i had been wearing an old pair of pointe shoes
that should have been long thrown in the bin,
the bottoms are all lumpy and nearly full of holes,
balancing on that is way hard!

In my rush before the performance i hadnt noticed...

Does that mean that now The Culprit Pair of Pointe Shoes
have duly been banished from the locker so the same mistake cannot happen again that my pirouttes were miraculously back in working order again today...

Indeed it did not...
but i was definitely one step closer

(i'm the dancer on the left of the picture)

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