Friday, April 27, 2012

A Scottish Wedding Photographer ....

So i may not have all  my wedding plans down yet,
but i know for sure who my wedding photographer will be....

my lovely little sis Meghan!

Here are some phots from my sisters wedding in the summer 
(why is the new blogger shrinking all my pictures to uber small, how can i change that?)
(hmmm, turns out if you click on them they go full size, is that the new way??)

Handy having some talented siblings.

Alexis (the sister in the pictures)
is designing my dress.

And i was having some troubles communicating with my dress maker who only speaks Russsian,
turns out Alexis's newly appointed husband speaks Russian,
good picking.

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  1. That is some great pictures, and you also have a sister that can design a dress... I would say you're pretty lucky:)