Friday, February 24, 2012

Stalker tendencies....

I've come to the realisation that i have stalker like tendencies...
and all these forms of internet social networking are just feeding them.

First of all facebook,
where i stalk my friends and family from afar.
i right the occasional comment to closer friends/family...
but i definitely have ones who i check up on way too much
without ever having any actual communications

Then came blogger,
here i stalk people i have never met,
and will probably never meet.
i become imaginary friends with people who i have only
ever met through their blog persona's.
I rarely comment.

Then came twitter,
now i can stalk celebs, who couldnt care less
about me, but i feel now that i'm in the celebrity circuit,
a little bit closer to the workings of the rich and famous.
i occasionally comment in the excitement that
one day one of them could actually write back to me!

oh dear....
lock me up and throw away the key
(just let me keep my internet connection)

1 comment:

  1. You just described me:) Maybe we can get a cell together, then at least I would meet one of the people I'm stalking;)