Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Music...

Oh dear, 
my blog has been a bit mopey and depressive as of late, whilst everyone else's are full of holiday cheer.

So i thought i'd share some of my favourite Christmas songs from this year....
i love listening to them, even though it's not Christmassy outside, 
when i walk along listening to them on my ipod, 
i can imagine myself a million miles away.

Muppets, Where Ever You Find Love -
This one sums up for me the feeling of what the Spirit of Christmas is.
Its about the moments of joy that you find.

Michael Buble- Santa Clause is coming to town - 
So i dont actually have this one on my ipod, 
but i do LOVE how Gene-Kelly-esque this video is!

Fantasia -
Again, not on my ipod, but this is the music i'm listening to 
everyday for the past two months...Nutcracker....
but as a little girl i could watch the Fantasia movie on repeat....
that Walt Disney, what a guy....

Kari Jobe - Bethlehem
I just discovered her album this Christmas, 
i think she has an angelic voice that suits Christmas Carols to a T - 

Robert Downey Jr - River
The Ally McBeal Christmas Album has been one of my faves for such a long time now. And i love R-D Jr singing this song....he is so this song rings up my feelings right about now

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