Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breaking pointe.....

There comes a point in before a show when everybody starts to go a bit crazy.

Everyone is tired,
muscles are aching,
everyone feels that they are worse off
than the person next to them.

And going to 'the office' is not a fun place to be.

I guess in that way its just like a regular job,
when the pressure is on people get narky.

and boy oh boy
have i been narky in the studio lately.
as well as everyone else around me....

My teacher also told me yesterday,
that people didnt buy tickets to the Nutcracker
to watch me look like i'm dying,
save that for some other ballet.

They want to see sparkles and glitter....

its hard to try and achieve that when the muscles in my
back are so tight that it feels like i cant gasp in enough oxygen

Still one more week till for performances,
lets hope we make it....

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