Monday, October 3, 2011


This summer was the first summer
where i really took a break from ballet.

In 6 weeks i did about 3 ballet classes.
The main reason being i'd had some knee pain that i wanted to rest,
i took 3 weeks off and when i did a class and the pain was still there
i took the next 3 weeks off too and had a
physiotherapist check it over
(no major problems just over-straining).

Being the first time i completely let myself go (ever)
its also the first time i've really had difficulty getting
myself back into shape after a holiday.
My muscles have withered away to sponge
and my flexibility has aged like an old woman.

And although i've found it frustration i've so
found it extremely interesting how in tune it has made me with my body.
I feel which muscle groups are responding slower,
which side of my body needs to be stretched more...
and i'm kinda enjoying the re-learning of it.

It scares me too though,
as when i dont dance there isn't any form of exercise that i actually
like doing, and one day i'm going to have to stop dancing
in the extreme way in which i do it now...
and its the first time that i've realised that my body is going to change
and i wont be able to do things like
touch my toes or balance around on leg.....

but then its probably gonna feel good not to have to push
my body to ridiculous limits on a regular basis too right?

(picture Boston Ballet)

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  1. It's scary how fast your muscles goes weak... I am a bit scared to go back to work in 5 months... I walk a lot during my workday, and sometimes I can even feel weaker after a week off!