Monday, October 24, 2011

Dancers Diets....

One of the most common questions
i get asked as a dancer is if i have to have a special diet?

I've never had a weight issue,
so the answer to that is normally no.

But here is what i have eaten today -

(yes the whole thing, i had half for lunch and half for dinner,
i was originally going to make it to share with my roommates until
i tasted how good it was)

half a tub of cream cheese eaten with breadsticks.

a can of mountain dew.

thats it....

i promise this isnt my
normal daily intake of food.

Normally there are some carbs, some veggies
and what not.
i'm pretty sensible.

But every now and then a girl ought to be
allowed to eat a whole cake and enjoy it
without a shred of remorse....



  1. And you have never had a weight problem? I bet I put on a few pounds just reading this and thinking I could eat a whole cake:)