Thursday, October 27, 2011

Personal Rival....

So i have another dancer in the company who is my Personal Rival.
She doesnt know it.
In fact, she's a pretty good friend of mine.

But in my head we are Rivals.

We are similar body shapes and standards (in my opinion)
and so in my head she is My Competition.
If they are casting for a role,
most likely they will think between me and her.

And sometimes she 'wins', and thats okay,
because she is a hard worker and totally deserves it,
but i think to myself what can i do to improve so that i get picked next time.

I think its just a way for me to keep trying to improve myself.
Keeping myself on my toes..
(hehe...i couldnt resist!)

At any rate,
she 'won' the last two roles i had my eye on,
but i found out yesterday i will be dancing the Spanish solo in Nutcracker,
so i just earned a 'notch' on my belt.....

(picture from National Ballet Of Cuba)

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