Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where ever you find love it feels like Christmas....

Walking home from performance tonight
deciding what to listen to on my ipod i
paused whilst running the clicker
over A Muppets Christmas Carol in a silent dilemma.

It was the album i felt like listening to
but how could i do such a thing,
it's October.

And then i listened to it anyway .


Because i can


  1. bah! good for you!

    my sister works for henson, so i have seen a LOT of henson products over the years. long live kermit and friends, even if they are now stuck in the devil's lair (disney).

  2. Haha, good call listening to it anyway. I can never decide when to start listening to christmas music...I try to wait till December but it never works cause you just want to listen to it when its all chilly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did actually make all the cupcakes in the photos, I used a piping bag for the butter cream icing to make the swirl, it took some practice though! xo


  3. This is my favorite version of the Christmas Carol! I was singing some Christmas carols just yesteday. I can't wait!