Friday, October 22, 2010

Dancing at the Citadel.....

The Citadel was pretty impressive.
You could see it from the coach, standing on top of a hill,
luring over the city. I hadn't been to see it yet because
someone had told me it wasnt worth the effort.
Which just reminds me not always to take other peoples advice.
Especially a castle lover like myself. I love a good old fashioned castle/fortress.
Maybe its because i'm Scottish.

At any rate the Citadel was huge and i'm
definitely going to have to go back for another look around.

One of the dancers commented how i'm going to get
to see all the sights of Egypt by dancing at them...
which is probably about right seeing as we're
off to Alexandria at the end of the month

There is also an on-going theme of Egyptian
costumes that has appeared in my repertoire....

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