Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making Friends...

Friendship is born in the moment
when one person says to the other,
"What! you too?
I thought I was the only one."


One of the hardest things about leaving Slovenia and going to a new country
is the thought of having to make new friends.
I like the fact that i have been here long enough that i no longer have to try and explain away
my little quirks and oddities that each of us have,
i dont have to defend them,
that is just how i am and my friends know this and have accepted me for who i am.

i am sure that there are new friends out there in the making...
its just a daunting thought as
the process of finding them can be tough and lonely.


  1. Good luck in the new country, I think having to make all new friends and leaving my comfort zone where everyone knows me and LIKES me for who I am, is the main reason I haven't moved away from my hometown. I'm sure you'll be fine though, you seem like such an awesome and personable girl!

  2. What an adorable picture. I'm sure you'll have no problem adjusting and making new friends with style like yours!

  3. i felt {still feel} the exact same way! old friends just get you and accept the things that make you unique. it's intimidating to make new friends.. but you know everyone feels the same way about making new friends at some point in their life. don't worry! you'll make friends so fast!

    if you come to cambridge i'll be your friend :)

    ps- i love cs lewis. his words are full of wisdom.