Monday, July 5, 2010

In Memorium...

Captain Tim has moved to Italy and just around the corner from his house we discovered a large WWI war memorial, The Redipuglia War Memorial, that is rather under-sign posted.
Its so huge you couldnt miss it but so in the middle of no where that unless you knew where it was you would never find it.

Apparently it is the largest War Memorial in Italy.
On one side of the road they have old artillery and tanks

and some of the original trenches,
and bunkers,

with headstones for all the different groups of people who fought in the war.

On the other side is a huge monument that was built on the site of a graveyard that had gone into disarray.

Underneath it are the bones of 40,000 named soldiers and 60,000 unknown soldiers.

At the bottom in large tombs are the Generals who wished to be buried with their men.

It certainly made me stop and think and be thankful for my freedom.

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  1. the fact that you are in an uber cute outfit complete with such a cute hat and you are "operating" a cannon/tank is too funny! haha.

    this definitely made me think about how lucky i am and to be thankful for my freedom!