Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the conduct of conductors....

for the last few performances we have been doing we have had an exceptionally good conductor. not only did he actually watch us whilst we fact i'm pretty sure that he didnt even look at his orchestra one bit, but he came up and thanked us afterwards for dancing so well to his me no conductor has ever done that before!

it turns out that his wife is a dancer and he has spent a long time studying how to conduct for ballet, which is completely different from conducting for operas or concerts. its amazing how you can feel the difference.

i had the experience of dancing for a conductor once who hadnt studied for the performance at all, he didnt even know when our cues were and started playing the music a few times when we werent even on the stage yet, not that he noticed, he didnt look at the stage once to see us running rond like headless chickens.....when he came on stage to bow we booed. it may sound rude but he really disrespected us.

when i was in chicago in the summer i came across this painting in the Chicago Art Institute that made me smile...i felt like i connected with the painting.....isnt that what art is meant to do?

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