Monday, November 9, 2009

Tubby The Tuba

After the build up of the big premiere performance we have now done a few shows and it is at this point that i start to relax a little bit more on stage and notice things that are going on other than thinking thoughts such as 'what count i should be moving, is it the 2 or the 3', or is the choreogrpaher going to kill me because i'm half a centimetere to far too the left'.

Last night as i was standing very still and the soloists were doing their grand pas de deux i started listen to parts of the orchestra that i hadnt listened to before, i pick out an instrument other than one that is playing the main melody and try to follow it throughout the piece of music. During one piece i focused on what might have been a Tuba and it was making a very sad Ooom Paaa, Ooom Paaa, and it got me to thinking of a cartoon i used to watch as a child called Tubby The Tuba.

Poor Tubby the Tuba was very sad as no matter what the beautiful piece of music that the orchestra was playing all he ever go to do was Ooom Paaa, Ooom Paaa. Poor Tubby wanted a melody to play, he wanted to expres himself, but whenever he tried the other instruments just laughed at him. I wondered tonight if the Tuba player was having this same feeling, then i realised that sometimes i have this feeling. Here i am standing very still whilst others dance around the stage making beautiful steps and i am just Ooom Paa-ing, sometimes in life i feel like i am just Ooom Paa-ing.

I couldnt remember how the cartoon turned out, if he found his melody or if he learned to be contented with how he was....

Yes, these are the thoughts that go therough my head on stage.....

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