Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Back!

Holiday/tour was lovely....

still got a few more days before i head back to ballet....

i think i'll use them in mourning of the loss of my Captain.
I love being able to spend every day with him
(even if it was only 4 days)
it felt like a lifetime.

It felt like home.

i dropeed my laptop on tour,
and now everything that should be white is fusia pink.
not that i would mind, seeing as i quite like the colour pink,
but it makes it incredibly difficult to read/see anything on the screen.

Maybe i'll see if i can take it into computer hospital somewhere,
I hope so seeing as its brand new!

A curse upon my butter fingers!

Be warned,
lots of boring travel pictures will be appearing in the next few posts.....


  1. I'm so glad your back and I'm happy to hear you enjoyed yourself!