Monday, April 11, 2011

The discovery that i am not made of stone.....

So this week i got a bit annoyed at a couple of my friends.
I had managed to score them a couple of free tickets to the performance
which was pretty hard as its sold out....
only to discover that they didnt come as they had spent
the evening nursing a dying kitten that they found on the street back to health.

This is going to make me sound really bad,
but i'm the type of person who would have seen the dying kitten
on the side of the street and thought 'poor kitten' and then kept walking.....
oh yes i would have been one of 'those' people from the Good Samaritan story).
And to be honest, i felt slightly snubbed.

And then the next day i was walking past a pet shop,
and i had to contain myself from breaking into to tears.
In cages the size of a shoe box were lots of very unwell looking tortoises.
I'm fairly sure that half the ones that i told myself
were 'sleeping' were actually dead.

And the friends i was with couldnt care less,
and i felt all stupid that seeing the poor tortoises made me want to weep,

but now i know that although i would probably still walk past a dying kitten
(there are loads of them in Cairo)

i cant stop thinking of those poor tortoises....
and am slightly relieved to know that i'm not as heartless as i thought i was.

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