Sunday, April 17, 2011

The banes of being a girl.....

I like to think that i'm above being dictated to by my hormones.

But yesterday after having an extremely rotten day at work,
i got all stressed out and started crying and quite simply couldn't stop.
I went to dinner with friends and the whole way through had tears
(and snot) streaming down my face. I rebuked
any sympathetic enquires to what was wrong with me,
declaring that 'i was fine', mainly as i couldnt really think of a good reason to
explain why i was Miss Waterworks.

And then at one point i called a friend, okay,
dont judge, me i'm lying. I actually called my recently-ex-boyfriend.....
and i know thats probably meant to be a big No No,
but we are still on good terms,
and in the end he was the only one who could stop me from crying.....

At any rate,
at one point he asked me if it was 'that time of the month'.
To which he was thoroughly rebuked....
'No, indeed it was not, in fact its no where near 'that time of the month',
and why do boys always blame it on that,
as though i cant get upset for no reason unless i'm pumped full of hormones'

And then i woke up this morning to realise that,
yes, it was that time of the month and yes,
the overwhelming tears were most likely hormone induced.....

but dang i wish my hormones wouldnt make me so predictable
and make me fall into that crazy lady stereotype.....

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