Monday, August 5, 2013

From student to teacher....

I'm not sure if i've mentioned previously the ballet teachers course i'm doing.
its the Royal Academy of Dance Professional Dance Teachers Diploma.
To get on the course your required to have been a professional dancer
for a few years .
This means that everyone on the course has some sort of performing background.

Last week was our first chance at actually teaching real life students,
and not just us pretending to be students.

I was quite pleased with how my three classes went.
At times on the course i wonder if i've learnt anything or if it has
all gone in one ear and out the other,
but i felt far more confident teaching than 
i ever had before,
more aware of how to teach and what to teach
and just doing what i think might be right.

That said i dont agree with all the things we are being taught,
and i'm finding the essay writing part of it pretty tough to do,
mainly trying to fit all my thoughts into a regimented style
and word count is tricky....
hey...i'm artistic dont box me in!

The good news is that for now i'm definitely
enjoying teaching....

two weeks till the big final exam
and 2 more essays to hand in.

my sanity might not make it...

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! I've always been fascinated by ballet.